Move Management

Imove Global really understands the anxiety that you go through with the very idea of packing and moving. Just when you thought you had settled down, the need to shift to new city came up. It really puts you thinking. Stop panicking Imove Global Relocation management is available, and provides pre-move and post move services just a phone call away. We provide our relocation services to cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, & Kochi and Countries like India, Singapore and UAE. Call us or mail us and experience the anxiety withering away.

Our staff is well-trained in packing the most precious items in your house very carefully and systematically. Our relocation companies have full time professional employees who all are trained in packing, loading and unloading. Once the packing is done, they load it on a transport vehicle which is fully covered and closed container without damaging your valuables which saves your time and money. Imove Global knows that with each items you have your emotions attached. You will notice, how skillfully and carefully our packers will go through the entire process.

Starting with a pre-move survey of your belongings, followed by a detailed estimate, we offer personalized suggestions in line with your specific needs. Our Executives are thorough with all customs regulations as well as airline, shipping, rail and road routes, go out of the way to provide the best possible international relocation solutions. Our International movers and packers or International Relocations Company is very reliable, fast, easy to use and convenient.

While we take the utmost care to deliver your valuable household articles without any breakage and damage, all your goods are insured as a part of our package. So that just in case something goes wrong during the transit or even while unloading and unpacking, you will at least not have to regret about the financial losses. Imove Global settles all such claims after verification of the claim for authenticity & obtains a settlement voucher and takes it up further with the insurance company, so that you don’t have to go through the troubles.

Imove Global move management division administers industry certified worldwide moving & storage services at the lowest possible cost. Not bound by any service provider affiliation, Imove Global has the freedom to choose the service provider that specifically meets your move management needs to ensure your program will never be subjected to a ‘next up’ mover or one that is not suited to perform the job.

With 100% accountability for our performance, the Imove Global move management experts constantly monitor & measure our service providers utilizing industry preferred performance metrics, transferee feedback and competitive pricing to determine which vendor will provide the quality & service you require. Imove Global provides a highly personalized customer service process to ensure all aspects of a relocating employee’s, relocation of household goods is handled in a professional and timely manner.

Our main motive is uncompromised customer service and customer satisfaction. So what you’re waiting for – fill our quotation form to get the best quote from us.