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International Moving

Move internationally without worries, we deliver your goods where ever you want. We are international movers.
International Office moving with Professional Office Packing and International Moving

Office Moving

Relocate your office without being worry a single time. We are international office packers and movers.
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IT Equipment Moving

Packing and moving IT equipment, with care internationally.

Move Management

We manage your complete relocation process, from packing and moving to shifting internationally.

I Move Global, an International Movers and Packers Company based in Bangalore makes relocation process smoother and cheaper. We are International Movers and Packers known for providing quality relocation services at cheapest rate. We have people around the world to help you out when you needed. I Move Global International Packers and Movers consider all transport options via Road, Train, Sea, Air to deliver your goods safely in time. We have dedicated for International Packing and Moving.
Sophisticated packing of your valuable goods, Transporting with Care, Storing Securely and Delivery in time are our core principles that drives us ahead in International Moving services. Wide knowledge of different transport routs and our experience in International Moving makes us reliable, quality and economic option among global International Movers and Packers.
We just not transport your goods, we do full management for your relocation and make it a pleasant experience for you. I Move Global International movers takes his job seriously and honesty to do what best for customers, that has made us reliable and recommended international packers and movers in Bangalore and other major cities in India. I Move Global International Mover is also well known in foreign like UAE, Dubai, London, Singapore, USA and many other foreign countries.
International Movers and Packers
Move your House Abroad with Home Survey from International Movers and Packers

Home survey

Once you contact Imove global, we will arrange a pre-move house survey. One of Imove surveyors will visit your home to calculate the volume of your household goods allowing us to provide you with an accurate quote for your move.
It can be hard to visualize just how much of your whole house you will be able to bring when you move. You have to keep in mind that international moving companies charge by the weight and volume of your belongings so it can be difficult to determine if you’re already going overboard with your allotted budget.
All of our surveyors are highly experienced move specialists, with a high degree of industry knowledge. They will explain the moving process in detail and all of the services which will take place, such as packing, moving, shipping and storage. The surveyor will summarize the mover's responsibilities as well as yours before, during and after the move; so you can be assured that you will be fully aware of what your move will imply.
There are many factors involved in the overall success of a move but the first step towards a successful relocation is always the in-home survey. Make sure you start your move with an in-home survey, and the rest of the move should take care of itself.
International Professional Packing from International Moving Company

Professional Packing

Once you’ve negotiated and whittled down your list of things to bring with you and signed a contract with Imove global, as part of that full-service, we offer expert packing. Our trained professional crews are committed to providing quality pack services to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound at their destination.
Imove Global packer’s crews follow strict guidelines to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to getting your belongings where they need to be. We will make sure we have the right materials for your individual move; meaning professional quality boxes, packing materials, tape, and labels/markers. Our custom boxes for mattresses, dishes, mirrors, and personal heirlooms are just a few examples of our unparalleled attention to detail.
And if you’d like to pack yourself but don’t have the necessary materials, we would be happy to provide what you need. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Face book for up-to-date packing/moving tips and information!! Go for it then; Contact us today to get packers and movers solutions of any type with free moving quotes.
International quality moving and tracking service from International Movers

Moving and Tracking

Depending on your choice, your packages will then be transported either by road, sea or air. You will be able to track the status of your belongings so that you can monitor if they’re sticking to the schedule you agreed upon. This will also give you peace of mind knowing where your belongings are at all times.
International Movers Imove Global reach you to destination of your Foreign Relocation

Clearance & Delivery

Once your belongings arrive at the port of entry, they will naturally pass through the required Customs Clearance. With the right paperwork, as prepared by your international moving company, you can immediately breeze through this process.
You can also look forward to them delivering your belongings as soon as they arrive so that you can also start unpacking and getting your house ready to live in. If you specified that you will also help with the unpacking, then you can simply rest and relax and wait for them to finish the task assigned to them. All in all, you barely have anything to worry about if you chose Imove Global packers and movers as your mover.
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